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Website Design Services

Website Design

Website design is more than just a pretty face! Your new website must be fast, fully responsive on different size screens, and be effective in attracting more clients and customers to your business. The ULTIMATE goal of every small business website is to generate MORE REVENUE, not just hold a space on the internet!

Website Design

Speed, performance, and PURPOSE take front stage with all our website builds. Most small local businesses can’t afford to just have a website “brochure” site. Your website has a JOB TO DO and our job is to make sure it does exactly that.

Branding & Logo

Your business has its own style and personality and your new website needs to reflect that personality as well. We bring your business personality to life through your logo, colors, type fonts, and overall design. 

Content Strategy

Unless you’re a photographer or run a travel agency, your visitors aren’t just coming to your website to look at pretty pictures! They’re looking for information to help them make a buying decision. Your website content needs to deliver that in a friendly, easy to understand manner. 

Built From Scratch

Having your new website built from scratch with a completely custom and unique design may sound like a great way to go. However, unless your website needs to provide some unusual functionality, paying for a custom design is usually overkill for most local businesses. It’s always an option, but is it the best use of your marketing budget?

Choose a Premade Template

There are HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of premade, professionally designed website template available to use as a springboard for your project. Taking advantage of a good quality, functionally optimized template will save you thousands of dollars and weeks of time getting your website live and ready to drive traffic through your doors. Make sure you ask us about this option when we begin your project.

Maintenance & Updates

Websites don’t exist in the “thin air” of the internet. They are actually small apartments in a large apartment building called a server or hosting company. And just like with an apartment you’d live in, the quality of the apartment building your website lives in has a HUGE influence on how happy your website (and your visitors) will be. Old, overcrowded, unkempt servers can cause havoc on your website and need to be avoided like the plague. Our hosting option utilizes one of the top WordPress hosting platforms available. And with our hosting packages, we also take care of keeping your website secure, up-to-date, and running as smooth as possible.

Website Development

Building a site from scratch can be a daunting task. Not only do you need to consider your overall design and content, you also have to decide whether you want to invest in a completely, custom design or work with a premade template for a faster, less expensive option. AND you need to decide where our website is going to be hosted as well as how you’re going to keep it safe from internet hackers and out-of-date software. This all goes into the BIG PICTURE of website developement.

Featured Work

Website Redesign

Newfypoo Puppies

This well-known Newfypoo breeder had seen his page rankings drop consistently over the last couple years. The old website looked tired and lacked the feel of being “open for business”. After a complete “redo” of the website, the business now takes back its position as one of the best known and original breeders of these amazing dogs.

Website Development

Ignite Medispa

Ignite Medispa is a first of its kind medispa within a private hospital setting in Australia. Being a brand new practice, they had no brand identity, no content, nothing to base a website redesign on. So this site was built from the ground up, knowing it would be redesigned as the practice matured and transformed.

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