Looking for Effective Social Media Marketing for Your Professional Practice?

Utilizing Social Media to attract new clients and patients is No Longer an Option – it’s MANDATORY! The stumbling block is, it takes time and commitment to do it right.

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Why Does Your Practice Need To Be Active on Social Media?

Because YOUR CLIENTS AND PATIENTS are on Social Media every single day! By creating a strong social presence, you’ll ensure they’ll see YOU when they’re looking for a place to fulfill their need for your services. If they don’t see you, they WILL see your competitors and you’ve risked losing that new customer FOR LIFE!

Need Proof?


86% of adults are on Social Media several times a day, EVERY DAY


80% of people will look up a business online before their 1st visit


78% of small businesses attract new customers and engage existing ones using social media


72% of all online searches have a LOCAL purchase intent

That’s right! If your business isn’t visible on Social Media, including a professional, locally optimized website, you’re missing out on the MAJORITY of new customers looking for a business like yours!

That’s 86 out of every 100 people in your area who spend time scrolling through posts on social media, day in and day out.

So, if you can put your message, your business, your products or your services in front of your ideal local customer on a regular basis… Your potential clients and patients will come to know, like and TRUST you. Then, when it comes time for them to look for a Professional Service Practice, they’ll come to you before your competitors and…

You’ll make more sales!

This is true whether you’re running…

  •  A high end Cosmetic Dentistry Practice that wants more implant patients
  • A neighborhood Massage Therapy Clinic that wants more cross-fit clients
  • The trusted Family Dental Practice that wants to attract more young families with children
  • or ANY type of Medical or Professional Practice that wants to attract more local clients or patients and sell more services.

What’s the Secret to Effective Social Media Marketing for Your Professional Practice?



Put Your Message Where YOUR Customers Are

Not every Social Media Platform is created equal and if you put your messages on the wrong one you, your efforts will be a fall flat. 


Post Across Platforms Every Single Day

Your customers will spend time on various platforms during the day, so your message needs to be in front of them WHERE they are, and WHEN they are!


Use the Optimal Mix of Content to Keep Attention

Just like with your mama’s famous Spaghetti Sauce, change the recipe and it just doesn’t taste the same. Social Media posting is the same, follow the recipe for the best results!  

Are You Following This Recipe For
Social Media Failure & Disaster?

Post images of your food or restaurant with nothing else — FAIL!

Post your specials or offers with nothing else — FAIL!

Post constant tips or information with nothing else — FAIL!

Or you can follow the PERFECT RECIPE below to create a place where your customers come back often and eagerly scroll to see what they’ve missed.

Attract New Clients & Patients
With The Perfect Recipe!

Attract New Customers
With The Perfect Recipe!

The Perfect Recipe for Social Media Success

Don’t Let These Excuses Derail Your Business’s Social Media Efforts…


You Don't Have Time

Most small professional practice owners don’t have enough hours in the day, even though they start with the aim to post regularly. When time runs out, the posting stops! You didn’t go into private practice to be a social media marketer, leave that to the experts.


You Don't Post Often Enough

Posting only once or twice per week or even worse, less than that, is just not enough to get your business seen online and produce significant results. To get the most bang for your buck, you should be posting 2 to 3 times every day and during the time of day your viewers are online.


You don't post where your customers are

Without a doubt, Facebook is the most popular social network, but lots of your customers are on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram too. If you ignore a channel that’s popular with your followers, you’ll miss a high percentage of business that’s just waiting for you to connect.


You don't follow the PERFECT RECIPE

Facebook plays favorites! Posting boring, repetitive content that doesn’t stimulate engagement tells Facebook it’s not valuable and they won’t show it any more. Viewer reactions are SOCIAL GOLD and that’s the ultimate goal for every post — to create engagement and interaction.

What’s the Solution for Effective
Social Media Marketing for Your Business???

Done-For-You Social Media Marketing Following The Perfect Recipe!

I can help you create your perfect treatment plan for your Social Media Efforts!
With no long contracts or false promises.

Here’s what I’ll do for you and your practice…


Work with you to develop a social media strategy that’s true to you and your business.


Create social media content for you that focuses on getting engagement from your audience. All content and images are professionally designed to achieve the best results.


Post the content to your social networks at the perfect times to suit your audience. Your audience will think it’s you at all times.


Report to you on a monthly basis so you can see exactly how the posts are performing.

I’m not interested in just posting for the sake of it – I want to help you grow your audience and your business through Social Media. 

My job is to make people fall in love with your brand so they become life-long customers!

Exclusive Professional Services Focus

We only work with Professional Medical and Service Businesses to develop engaged and attentive clients and patients, ultimately resulting in greater profits for your business.

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