Need Help Connecting With Your Customers?

Where Growing Your Business is Concerned…
Your ONE THING Needs to be Communicating Clearly!

Unless your customers can read your mind… you need to be able to tell them EXACTLY what your business can do for them and why they should buy from you! By being active on social media, you have a better chance of your customers remembering you and searching you out when they need your products and services. But the great news is YOU don’t have to do any of the work to make this happen… We can help you stay in front of your customers with fun and engaging social content!

Introducing Our Completely Done-For-You
Social Engagement Engine!


Not being active on social media is like hanging an
OUT OF BUSINESS sign on your business’s front door!”

In today’s socially driven marketplace, making sure your social pages have fresh, engaging content is critical to your online presence! Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, looking for a new restaurant to go out to eat… Other than looking to see where they’re located or how much it might cost, the MOST IMPORTANT factor that’ll make you decide to go there or not is how they show up online! You know it’s true because 94 to 97% of all customers over the age of 18 do the very same thing. 

If you’re thinking about trying out a new business, it’s most likely because one of your friends recommended it or because you read their online content and liked what you read.

With our fully automated Social Engagement Engine, you can leave the burden of creating a consistent presence on your social pages to us so you can go about the business of providing your products and services.

 Let us take your social media from the ICU, to I SEE YOU!

using UNEXPECTED marketing and attracting the kind of customers you love!

At the heart of it ALL…

Our FAVORITE approach to growing your business is to create fun and engaging ways for customers to interact with your brand. We LOVE using our Unexpected Marketing techniques to do this. Giving your new customers an engaging and irresistible REASON WHY they need to buy from you is the FASTEST way to grow your customer base and keep them coming back.

Whether we set up a “Birthday Club” incentive mailer, an irresistible offer for new customers moving into your area, or run a simple giveaway on your Facebook page… customers who have a positive experience engaging with you, particularly when they’re not being sold anything, are much more likely to become raving fans and life-long customers than any one else. 

Putting “Fun” back into marketing is what we do best! 

Local advertising that WORKS!

Proven, UNIQUE way to reach customers around your business

How would you like to have a FRONT PAGE AD in a publication where you had NO COMPETITORS, that includes a FREE ad design and a FREE Facebook promotion, all for less than a dime per household?

You provide a great offer, and we’ll make sure 1000s of customers in your area see it!

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish… creating appealing, exciting, and valuable offers will attract more customers, close more sales, and grow your business FASTER than any other medium.

Your customers will finally see a promotion that speaks directly to them and their needs. And with your irresistible call-to-action, they can’t help but take you up on your offer!

Let us draw YOUR customers in, like moths to a flame!

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get you found online

If you build it, they will come… Or will they???

Creating a successful online presence is a lot more than throwing up a website or writing a few articles every now and then! What does your “digital billboard” say about your business? Is your information accurate and consistent where ever your customers look for you?

Optimizing your Google My Business listing, your Facebook page, and your website to speak to your perfect customer are at the heart of a strong, cohesive company presence online. Our goal is to make your business show up wherever your customers are looking for your products and services.

We’ll help you create an enticing, easy to find, online presence so your prospects don’t end up at someone else’s front door.  

If we build it RIGHT, they WILL come!

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A Pair Of Passionate Entrepreneurs

Mel Hirsch

Mel Hirsch

Engagement Specialist, Using Daily Social Posting, Videos and more!

Mel spent 20+ years as an independent massage therapist, growing her clinic into one of the largest in Southern Colorado, followed by several more years as a Positive Changes Hypnosis franchisee.
Mel entered into the world of local marketing full time after a car accident made doing massage no longer possible.

Mel specializes in doing what she loves to call Unexpected Marketing, working with businesses that want to set themselves apart from the rest.
Daily Social Media Posting and Engagement, and Social Pop Videos are her specialties. What she can do for your business is so effective, results can often be seen in days.

Annie Hirsch CTO Ready Set Go Local

Annie Hirsch

Facebook and Google Marketing Campaign Wizard and Bot Master

Annie is the geek of this dynamic duo. After 30+ years as a small animal veterinarian, she was drawn into Direct Response Marketing to help solve marketing problems in veterinary medicine.
After working with other local businesses, Annie has specialized in automated lead generation systems and offers. These include using Bots to automate contests, special coupon offers, birthday clubs and campaigns and so much more!

Her Super Power is optimizing Facebook lead campaigns and Google ad landing pages for amazing results. Regardless of the marketing medium, crafting effective marketing campaigns to attract your perfect customer and maximize your social ROI is what she does best!